To: Joyce R. Branda, Civil Division, U.S. Justice Department, Assistant Attorney

Selective enforcement of Michigan Constitution

Purported bankruptcy violates civil liberties and is an excessive transfer of wealth from the retirees, active employees and the assets of Detroit!

Why is this important?

The Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association (www.GOFUNDME.COM/PENSIONDEFENSEFUND) implores the U.S. Justice Dept, as soon as possible, to halt any and all pending alterations to retirement plans and to halt further transfers of wealth from the City of Detroit until an Open Civil Investigation has been conducted. Our civil liberties were violated by the State because the Michigan Constitution is contractually obligated to protect pensions. We request an independent, neutral voice of authority to sustain civil liberties versus restraining domination, and to ensure that the actions of the bankruptcy were legal, boundaries were not overstepped, and that rules and laws were followed to the spirit and the letter and not by whimsical interpretations. PLEASE GET INVOLVED, LEAVE YOUR INFORMATION AT - [email protected]