To: Sen. Mitch McConnell (KY-1) and The United States Senate

Senate: Add 6 more women to the Senate health care working group

Women are 51% of the United States. There are 14 men and 1 woman on the working group that is drafting the Senate bill on health care. We demand equal representation for this bill. Add 6 women to the health care working group permanently and remove 7 men.

Why is this important?

Women represent more than half the population of the U.S. and deserve to be represented in the working group writing the health care legislation.

It was absolutely unconscionable when Mitch McConnell announced that there was a team of 13 Republican men overseeing the nation's health care policies with no input from women earlier this month. Afterward, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski expressed dismay by telling reporters, "I just wanna make sure we have some women on."

And only after massive public outcry did Republican senators invite one woman to join the committee—Sen. Shelley Moore Capito—and it's unclear if she will remain on it permanently. Making matters worse, they also invited Sen. Ron Johnson to join permanently, making the permanent working group 14 Republican men.

Fourteen Republican men and only one woman charting the fate of our entire health care system is not acceptable.

Amid fears of pre-existing conditions and cuts to Medicare, this bill is extremely unpopular to Republicans and Democrats alike—only 21% of Americans surveyed by Quinnipiac University approved.

The Congressional Budget Office also hasn't yet scored the Trumpcare 2.0 bill passed by the House earlier this month. Yet its score is reportedly going to be even worse than the assessment of the House's first health care overhaul bill introduced in March, in which estimates were that 24 million more Americans could be uninsured by 2026, compared to the current healthcare system.