To: Senator Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham: Stop Voting Against Students in South Carolina!

Senator Graham: Students in South Carolina can't afford more debt, and student loan interest rates have already doubled. We need you to start voting for proposals that will help students in South Carolina and the rest of America.

Please vote FOR the Keep Student Loans Affordable Act and make college more affordable for students.

Why is this important?

Senator Graham voted against students by voting "NO" to a bill that would have stopped student loan interest rates from doubling, on July 1st, and he voted "YES" on a bill that would see interest rates skyrocket.

Now, on July 10th, the Senate is planning to vote on The Keep Student Loans Affordable Act, which would cut our current student loan interest rates in half -- from 6.8% to 3.4 % -- for a year.

In the Senator's home state of South Carolina alone, 54% of students from have student debt upon completion from college; the average student loan debt is $25,140; and 111,601 students in South Carolina are Stafford Loan borrowers.

Going to college shouldn't mean a lifetime of paying off crushing loans, and students in South Carolina (and the rest of America) can't afford more debt!