To: Washington County Court of Common Pleas

Send Austin and Shawn home!

Please send Austin Rudy and Shawn Michael Stadelman Home to their families and our community.

Why is this important?

Austin and Shawn accidently burned the garage on the main road down. They tried to put it out with brooms but when that didnt work they ran- they are 12 and 14. We are asking the Washington County Court of Common Pleas to please send the boys home. They have been at the YES acadamy since June 2nd, we can only talk to them for 10 minutes a week on the phone and visit them for 3 hours on Sunday in Mercer county. The boys have never been in trouble before and we ask that they be sent back to the community and their families.


Reasons for signing

  • My son was sent to "Boot Camp" last year, at first I thought it would be "Good" for him, My being a Former US Marine, but It just exposed him to more than I care to mention. PLEASE Send these Boys HOME!!!! Thier families are their BEST teachers, not the "peers" where they are!!! PLEASE!! My Prayers are with you!!
  • this is just wrong. They made a mistake, all kids do at some point in time. I know cops who have done worse than this when they were kids and not only are they now our protectors, but they never got this punishment. send these kids home to the parents that love and miss them.
  • it was an accident my sons rolled a tire crossedhope hollow rd diddnt hurt no one . let those kids out !!!!!!!!!