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Sentencing Disparity & Petition Seek Sentence Modification

Introduction First and foremost, we the family of Danny E. Means Jr. would like to thank each and every person who has taken the time to visit this website with the intent of signing our petition seeking the possible release of Danny from prison. As you may know, we are now heading into the fifteenth(15) year of his being absent from us for his involvement in an episode of crimes committed on July 15, 1997. Throughout the years, many of you have expressed your disbelief that Danny has been incarcerated for such an extensive period for a crime where no one was injured or killed. Now is your time to be heard! On the next page you will find a petition that we will be attaching to Danny's petition for a sentence modification. Our goal is to show, with this petition, the amount of support he has from his family, friends and the community. We would greatly appreciate your showing of support for Danny by adding your signature to this petition.

Why is this important?


My nephew, Danny E. Means, has been incarcerated for 15 years because of his involvement in a series of crimes stemming from a 1997 bank robbery. Of the 3 men involved with these crimes, only Danny received the lengthy sentence of 120 years. The others served less than 8 years, while Danny remains incarcerated. All 3 men were involved in these crimes that had potential for harm but no one was injured or killed. Even so, the prosecution was allowed to increase low-level charges to more serious charges. Not for the purpose of bringing justice to the matter, but for no other reason than to get the largest sentence possible for Danny. You see, we the family and friends of Danny do not condone his actions in any shape, form or fashion, and neither does Danny! However, nor do we condone an "in-justice" system that allows such grievous racial disparity in its sentencing. Danny received a sentence twice that of the maximum for murder and much more than a white male of the same age would have received for the same charges. Furthermore, statistics show that by the end of 2005, 8.1% of black males age 25-29 were incarcerated compared to 1.1% white males for the same charges. We his family and friends are not claiming that Danny is innocent. Only that his sentence is unjust and we refuse to let this unjust sentence hang over his head for approximately the next 30 years left on his sentence without our voices being heard! Help us speak out about the injustice and sentence disparity being done to all black men and Danny by following this link:
Thank you for your support and your prayers.