To: Sen. Christopher Murphy (CT-2) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA-1)

@SenWarren, @ChrisMurphyCT: Support diplomacy & stand up to the Russia hawks

Stand up to the Russia hawks. Oppose a new arms race and support diplomacy with Russia to de-escalate the conflicts in Ukraine, Syria and Yemen.

Why is this important?

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Chris Murphy will be in a strong position to shape debate over Russia policy in the next Administration. Elizabeth Warren will be on the Senate Armed Services Committee. [1] Chris Murphy, the first Senator to publicly challenge the Obama Administration's support for the devastating Saudi war in Yemen, is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. [2]

Unfortunately, some Democrats are planning to make common cause with John McCain and Lindsey Graham on Russia policy, pushing for a new Cold War that would likely jack up the already bloated Pentagon budget at the expense of domestic priorities like expanding Social Security, while undermining prospects for de-escalation of conflict in Ukraine, Syria, and Yemen.

Urge Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Chris Murphy to stand up for diplomacy and against the Russia hawks by signing our petition.



Reasons for signing

  • Only thing I really liked about Trump was his interest in having a mutually productive relationship with Russia. I still want it to happen!
  • rHLwAJ
  • Senator Warren I'm proud of what you are doong I stand with you. I'm depending on SS aan Medicare I'm afraid of what the GOP is going to do to us as it is I live on 1000 a month

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