To: Sen. Christopher Murphy (CT-2) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA-1)

@SenWarren, @ChrisMurphyCT: Support diplomacy & stand up to the Russia hawks

Stand up to the Russia hawks. Oppose a new arms race and support diplomacy with Russia to de-escalate the conflicts in Ukraine, Syria and Yemen.

Why is this important?

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Chris Murphy will be in a strong position to shape debate over Russia policy in the next Administration. Elizabeth Warren will be on the Senate Armed Services Committee. [1] Chris Murphy, the first Senator to publicly challenge the Obama Administration's support for the devastating Saudi war in Yemen, is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. [2]

Unfortunately, some Democrats are planning to make common cause with John McCain and Lindsey Graham on Russia policy, pushing for a new Cold War that would likely jack up the already bloated Pentagon budget at the expense of domestic priorities like expanding Social Security, while undermining prospects for de-escalation of conflict in Ukraine, Syria, and Yemen.

Urge Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Chris Murphy to stand up for diplomacy and against the Russia hawks by signing our petition.