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To: Southampton Town Board Members, NYS Legislators

Shinnecock Hills Preservation to STOP DESECRATION

Shinnecock Hills Preservation to STOP DESECRATION

Pass local and state laws to protect "unmarked" burials of Indigenous people of Long Island and New York State.
Remind themselves and others of the nefarious, pernicious ongoing treatment that Southampton Town has with the Shinnecock Indians since 1640, therefore for the sake of Justice --- Cease and Desist all building in the Shinnecock Hills!!!!!

Why is this important?

The Importance of this matter goes far beyond not only protecting the graves of the dead, but also includes protecting the environment, water quality, wildlife, sacred land. and open space. It is right for every good reason, including putting an end to the Over-Development CRISIS here on Long Island.
We the undersigned do hereby support the demand for a Moratorium on any further building/clearing/land disturbance in the area known as the Shinnecock Hills, effective Immediately!! The desecration of this sacred land has gone under-regulated for more than a century, resulting in egregious damage and destruction of ancient burials and sacred culturally sensitive sites. We further support the demand for the adoption/implementation of the proposed "Native American and Colonial Graves protection" legislation (protocol and laws) that have been drafted and presented to the Southampton Town Board since 2003.
We also support the demand for a "cease and desist from all activity" order to the Shinnecock Hills Golf Course until ancient grave sites are identified and protected in perpetuity!
We denounce/condemn the illegal, immoral, deceitful, and dishonest theft of the land which was turned into a golf course circa 1902. It is sinful, wrongful, and an unconstitutional seizure of these sacred hills for the pleasure of the wealthy and "privileged".
Shinnecock Hills is one of the most sacred stretches of land within the ancestral territory of the Shinnecock, holding spiritual, traditional, religious values, and uncountable burials in the heart of the hills. Existentially, for thousands and thousands of years the Indigenous people of Long Island have lived in harmony and balance with Nature and now we seek justice for all the wrong done to the land and the people.
The over-development CRISIS of Long Island, which is causing extreme environmental disasters, must be addressed ASAP.
Now All Tribes, All races, All faiths, and All Walks of Life will join in the reclamation efforts of the Indigenous People of Long Island in the name of Justice, love of Earth and Sky, and to Honor the Ancestors.

How it will be delivered

We will email, deliver in person, and stage a press conference. We will ask for signatures at all "Conscience Point" film viewings.


Reasons for signing

  • This is their land! It is sacred please respect! This is a matter of Justice!
  • I have watched the intimidation against them since I was a child.
  • Protection is necessary and expected, and should be minimally addressed prior to any land exchanges and activities. This disregard would never have occurred if this land was where the Europeans and immigrant settlers were buried.


2020-02-17 18:54:46 -0500

Please feel free to share this with good people in your circle. Thank you all very much. Try and watch Conscience Point too, it will help. Wish us luck on Southampton Town purchase of 2 lots in the hills coming up soon. Tabutne' (thank you)

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100 signatures reached

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2020-02-08 11:07:01 -0500

The Graves Protection Warrior Society of the Shinnecock Nation humbly request your support by contacting Southampton Town Board Members to DEMAND the following:
Immediate Moratorium of any building/clearing/land disturbance in the area known as the Shinnecock Hills to prevent the further DESECRATION of ancient burials. Southampton Town has a "Community Preservation Fund" for purchasing land. Make them DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, Please get involved and research for more info. Shinnecock Hills Graves Protection & Shinnecock protecting ancient burials, Conscience Point film.

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