To: Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Inc.

Show the Album Credits on Apple Music!

Album credits are the lifeblood of musicians. Musicians need them to be displayed when their music is played.
Showing the headline artist and track title only anonymizes and minimizes the contributions of all the others involved and forecloses opportunity.

Please show the credits when music is played!

Why is this important?

We want to know who's playing the music we're hearing, who produced it, who arranged it, where it was recorded and by whom. When this information is withheld, our identity has been stolen.


Reasons for signing

  • I’ve signed because I’ve just subscribed to an Apple Music plan but I can’t find the credits in any song
  • I want to know who wrote and produced the songs and be credited myself
  • Because I would like to know the people behind the scenes who may have wrote the actual song or who produced it.. it not just the artist that did this al by themselves.

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