To: President Donald Trump

Show us the proof!

Tell President Obama to order the nation's intelligence agencies to make public the evidence they have that the Russian government interfered in our election to help elect Donald Trump. With the integrity of our democratic elections at stake, the public right to know outweighs concerns about "sources and methods."

Why is this important?

The media tells us that it is the "consensus" of the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies that the Russians hacked our presidential election to help Donald Trump get elected. Yet so far no evidence has been made public to support such a shocking claim. With fairness of our electoral process being questioned and the risk of a military confrontation between the world's most powerful nuclear armed states, the public needs to know the facts.


Reasons for signing

  • We have every right to know the truth.
  • I think we have a right to know just how much Russia has influenced our past election! And, if known, what the relationship between that influence and Donald Trump is? We know he and his buddies (new Sec of State?) have huge monetary interest in Russia. What is the connection if any! We need to know and know soon!
  • The American people, who pay taxes to support our government, have the right to know the whole truth of the Rusdian government's involvement in infecting our Democracy by interfering with the elections. Otherwise trust will be further broken between We the People, and America's leadership. Noone of us wants to learn ten years later that Russia bought the election, and Trump is their puppet. If this is not true, or if it is, we need to know now.