To: Matt Lepore, Director Of Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Shut Down Earthquake Causing Injection Wells in Colorado

Whereas: There has been recent seismic activity in Weld County Colorado ( within 2 miles of two injection wells(, and

Whereas: The US Geological Survey has determined there is a direct causal link between such injection wells and seismic activity (

Whereas: The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Act charges the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission with “protection of public health, safety, and welfare” (34-60-102).

Therefore, we ask that the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission immediately order that all injection wells within its jurisdiction be closed, and no further wells of this type be allowed to operate in the state of Colorado.

Why is this important?

I live in Greeley Colorado. We had an earthquake last night (5/31/2014). I don't want to end up like the Oklahoma City area with a cluster of these quakes because the oil and gas companies are too lazy to clean up their polluted water and just inject it into deep wells.


Reasons for signing

  • Please stop allowing these injection wells.
  • Stop's causing fire and brimstone!
  • The large quake cracked my cement driveway through the steps to my sliding door. There were cracks elsewhere from time, but not through the cement steps.

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