To: The Washington State House, The Washington State Senate, and Governor Jay Inslee

Shut Down For Profit Prisons in Washington State

The GEO Group that runs the ICE Detention Center in Tacoma has a long history of abuse and using their money to influence politicians and laws to create anti-immigrant legislation to create more prisoners to increase their profits paid for by taxpayer dollars. We ask that our state leaders put a stop to this corruption and profiteering.

Why is this important?

The recent hunger strike by 750 of the 1,300 people being held in the Tacoma ICE Detention Center made it clear that the GEO Group is continuing their history of abuse and corruption here in Tacoma. These are headlines our city doesn't want. For-profit prisons create a demand for prisoners that the GEO Group helps create by lobbying for more strict laws that put more people in prison. This is wrong and needs to be stopped.