To: Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser

Shut Down Trump's Parade

I'm fed up with Trump using our military community as props. Now he wants to waste millions of dollars to force our troops to perform an extravagant parade in his honor, even while he pushes an agenda that hurts our country and my fellow veterans. Washington D.C. needs to shut this down.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump is ordering the Pentagon to spend millions of dollars to stage a massive military parade in D.C — soldiers, tanks, jets, all of it.

As a veteran, I'm fed up with Trump using our military community as props.It's clear to me that Trump doesn’t actually honor the troops, he wants to force the troops to honor him.

For Trump it clearly isn't about the people who serve in uniform. Let's look at Trump's record: he lied about donating to veteran charities until we called him out. He tried to purge transgender troops and immigrants from the military. And he turned the arrival of a fallen soldier's remains in Dover, and the ceremony awarding a wounded soldier his Purple Heart, into gross and exploitative photo ops. He even smeared a Gold Star family!

It's time we put our foot down, and stop Trump from using our troops as props for his ego. That's why we call on the Mayor of Washington D.C. to bar Trump from putting on this gross display in our nation's capital. Trump might want to act like an authoritarian dictator, but this is still our democracy.