To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Shut Down World Star Hip Hop

Shut down the website World Star Hip Hop and ban similar websites which condone, accept submissions of, and feature "hood fight videos".

Why is this important?

World Star Hip Hop and similar websites accept submissions of actual fights and feature them on their web page. This open promotion of violence creates a venue for violent individuals to gloat about their attacks. Not only is this a venue for those who are already violent, it also provides a forum for individuals who may not otherwise have been violent to gain notoriety. The most recent example of this is a video that was uploaded on World Star Hip Hop that features a brutal attack by a young lady named Sharkeisha; now #Sharkeisha is trending worldwide. To shut down this website would mean starting a dialogue not only about violence, but the promotion of violence through social media. Help this movement for social media change by signing this petition addressed to congress to make "fight video" websites illegal.


Reasons for signing

  • They are racist to Mexicans and it feels good being Mexican
  • Content providers Ghost and Persist frequently upload child porn or child abuse videos, especially Ghost who seems to have a sexual attraction to children. They cherry-pick racism and slurs after race-baiting via items and decide who can be subjected to racial slurs and who is protected, typically anti-white racism is allowed and promoted by Ghost and others.
  • Racist uploaders and staff who appease a racist crowd with propaganda and edited videos. It's primarily black on white racism, WS acts as a publisher and spreads anti-white propaganda, just a garbage site that needs to go, creates nothing but more hatred, racial violence and division, it promotes it via staff selected videos and titles.