To: President Donald Trump

Shut down

Stop before Topix stops you!

Why is this important?

Topix is a website that is based for people to use fake names as there log in name so they can say anything they want, true or false, about other individuals. There is no trace of the actual person that starts or replies to each topic. Children and adults both are being bashed,slandered, and bullied on this site. We need to have this shut down before the post made cause serious problems including suicide & homicide. This site has already caused friendships to cease, marriages to end in divorce, and kids to be taunted in school and social gatherings. So lets please STOP TOPIX before its to late!!!


Reasons for signing

  • It’s absolutely infuriating! Why am I seeing pop ups on the NYTimes site!?!
  • My children and i were slandered in a local topix forum. I dont think this kind og bullying and imaturity go any further. I wluld very mucj like to see topix done away witj. Times are changing it nothin like it use to be and i see it as im sticking up for my babies too. This evil and messed up threats i recieved upon other people being told lies about me. This type of evil does have its own spot in hell
  • My worst problem with Topix was extreme pop-ups and harmful cookies or malware I encountered after visiting it's forums. I support free speech even if it may offend some. It's a shame Topix couldn't correct it's problems with blatant slander and spam or malware.