To: The United States House of Representatives

Sick at Work, Sending Sick Child to School? We Paid Sick Days

America's workers need affordable time to care for themselves and their families. It's a shame that the U.S. is among the last of 5 countries in the world without paid sick days for U.S. workers. Too many workers in the U.S.A. cannot take a single day to care for a sick child or even go to the doctor without losing pay. The Healthy Families Act will guarantee all workers in America access to paid sick days. Tell Congress to pass it!

Why is this important?

"I went to work with my right eye shut and face swollen. I had a painful tooth ache that led me to the emergency room. Eventually, I found out I had an abscess tooth with severe pain, fever and inflammation. I took only that one day off of work because I could not afford to miss days and still be able to feed my family. As a single mother and sole provider in my house, getting sick was not an option for me. My job would not accept a doctor’s note even though they could see the swelling in my face and pain in my eyes. It was very embarrassing when customers would see my physical pain and suffering. I know I deserve paid sick days and the time off to take care of myself when something like this happens." - Lisa.