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To: U.S. House of Representatives

Sign Now: Help stop a new nuclear arms race

To U.S. House of Representatives:

Please cosponsor H.R. 2529, the “Richard G. Lugar and Ellen O. Tauscher Act to Maintain Limits on Russian Nuclear Forces”. Among other things, this bill expresses the Sense of Congress that the United States should seek to extend the New START Treaty, so long as Russia remains in compliance.

Treaties like New START have made the world a safer place. Please work to ensure we don’t turn back the clock on nonproliferation.

Why is this important?

We're witnessing the start of a new nuclear arms race. In late September, Trump ordered the Pentagon to figure out how quickly it could pull nuclear weapons out of storage to load onto long-range bombers and submarines.

The Trump administration has already pulled out of two other nuclear treaties, and these latest orders are part of a ramp-up to force the critical New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) to implode before it is set to expire in February.

Trump wants a no limits nuclear world, and it is hard to imagine anything more terrifying than even FEWER limits on a president like Trump’s access to nukes. We need EVERY voice in Congress to speak out and use ALL their political leverage if we’re going to get Trump to extend this critical treaty.




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