To: Governor Gavin Newsom

Sign SB 967 to help end the culture of sexual assault plaguing our California college campuses

With 1 in 5 women (20%) sexually assaulted during their college years, it is time to take action with Senate Bill 967. No student should have to live in fear of becoming a victim of a sexually violent crime while pursuing their academic goals.

These shocking and unacceptable numbers are the factors motivating thousands of students to pursue the swift passage of SB 967.

Senate Bill 967 can make a difference by holding all schools to the same standard in order to protect students from sexual assault. That standard will be one of prevention, training, and justice so that California college campuses can remedy the sexual assault epidemic.

This measure shifts the paradigm by implementing an affirmative consent standard, only “yes means yes,” so that victims are not re-victimized by their schools’ disciplinary process.

Every sexual assault case must be taken seriously in order to end the cycle of violence. Governor Brown, please sign SB 967.

For more information about SB 967 (De León) go to:

Why is this important?

I’ve been so impressed by the student sexual assault advocates who’ve bravely testified at the Capitol, and shared their stories with the press. I hope you’ll stand up and join the effort asking Governor Jerry Brown to sign SB 967 into law.

As the Father of a college-age daughter, I was stunned to learn that 1 out of 5 women are sexually assaulted during their time in college. This is unacceptable. It is every student’s dream to go to college. It is our duty to provide a safe environment once they get there.