To: All companies doing business with Donald Trump

Sign the petition: Companies must fire Donald Trump

Daily Kos

Your company’s continued association with Donald Trump and his bigoted remarks about immigrants is a poor reflection on you. Please follow the example set by Macy’s, NBC and Univision and sever ties with Donald Trump. It is time to tell him: “You’re fired!”

Why is this important?

Donald Trump is running for President and immediately exposed himself as a hateful, anti-immigrant buffoon with his inappropriate remarks about Mexican-Americans.

Many companies that have done business with Trump in the past—Macy’s, NBC and Univision—have severed ties with him as a result. But others have not.

Trump’s bigotry has no place in our political discourse, and companies that continue to do business with him are only enabling him.

Sign the petition to all companies who do business with Donald Trump: Fire him!