To: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Sign the petition: Confirm President Obama’s judicial nominees now

Democrats still have the majority until January. Use the lame duck session to confirm all of President Obama's judicial nominees before Mitch McConnell scuttles them forever.

Why is this important?

There’s no two ways about it—we lost. Republicans are going to have a clear majority in the Senate next year and Mitch McConnell has already made clear that he’s going to grind President Obama’s judicial and executive nominees to a halt.

But here’s the thing: Democrats still have the majority right now and they can confirm a slew of Obama’s nominees in a lame duck session.

Confirming the president’s judicial nominees could be Harry Reid and Senate Democrats’ lasting legacy—and it could shape jurisprudence for decades to come.

Sign the petition to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Confirm all of President Obama’s judicial nominees right now, before it’s too late.