To: Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal

Sign the petition: Demand that Georgia accept Medicaid expansion and stop hospital closures

It is unconscionable that Georgia would refuse Medicaid funds—paid for by the federal government—simply because state politicians don’t like the federal law that allowed it.

As a direct result, four hospitals in Georgia that primarily serve the rural poor have shut down.

Enough is enough. Please put the health care of your constituents above partisan politics, by accepting the expanded Medicaid funds offered by the Affordable Care Act.

Why is this important?

The Affordable Care Act extends health care coverage by allowing more Americans to qualify for Medicaid, but the Supreme Court has ruled that states can choose to reject this expansion.

Georgia has declined the federal funding, because Republican politicians like Gov. Nathan Deal hate Obamacare.

As a direct result, four Georgia hospitals have shut down. These hospitals primarily served rural poor communities, where a closure is devastating.

Sign our petition to Gov. Nathan Deal, demanding that Georiga accept the Medicaid expansion—putting the health care of his constituents above partisan politics.