To: John Peter Smith Hospital and State of Texas

Sign the petition demanding this Texas family not have to pay medical bills mandated by this awfu...

We urge you to absolve the Munoz family of the medical bills incurred because you refused to honor the end of life wishes for Marlise Munoz.

The Munoz family has endured prolonged hardship because of arcane laws to protect an unborn fetus and should not required to pay for your wrong-headed decisions.

Why is this important?

An arcane Texas law allowed John Peter Smith Hospital to override a family's decision to remove a brain-dead woman from life support––because she was 14 weeks pregnant.

After months of struggling with Texas courts and the hospital to respect her predetermined wishes, the family was finally able to put the mother and unborn fetus to rest––ending the torment this family has endured.

But this hellish nightmare isn’t over. The grieving husband has begun to receive medical bills for his wife’s unwanted and contentious treatment.

Overzealous sanctity of life laws to protect unborn children have forced the living members of this family-father and young son–to endure emotional stress and now financial hardship.

Sign the petition demanding that this family not be held accountable for medical bills the state and hospital racked up––urge them to foot the bill and address this law immediately.