To: Louisiana state legislature

Sign the petition: Let Louisiana vote on Medicaid expansion

It is unconscionable that 242,000 Louisianans lack health insurance, simply out of political spite. Medicaid expansion is a moral imperative, as it is literally a matter of life or death.

If Governor Jindal won’t accept the Medicaid expansion, the people of Louisiana deserve to have the final say. Please pass Senate Bill 96 to put this on the ballot in November.

Why is this important?

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is holding $16 billion in federal funds hostage, because he hates the Affordable Care Act.

As a direct result, over 242,000 Louisiana residents are unable to get Medicaid—and are currently without health insurance.

But we can let the people of Louisiana decide—63% of whom support Medicaid expansion. Senate Bill 96 would put Medicaid expansion on the November ballot.

Sign the petition to the Louisiana state legislature: Let Louisiana vote on Medicaid expansion by voting “yes” on Senate Bill 96.