To: Governor Ducey, Senator McCain & Senator Flake of Arizona

Sign the petition: Reject and denounce any pardon of Sheriff Arpaio

I am horrified that Trump is planning a presidential pardon for Joe Arpaio. Please speak up against this blatant show of white supremacy and racism and publicly denounce this decision.

Why is this important?

Trump led a horrifying, racist rally in Arizona—where he defended convicted criminal (and former Sheriff) Joe Arpaio for “doing his job.”

Arpaio was convicted for violating a federal judge’s order to stop racially profiling Latinx communities and terrorizing undocumented immigrants. This is not "doing his job."

The White House has allegedly prepared talking points on Trump’s soon-to-come presidential pardon of Arpaio.

Trump’s plan to pardon Arpaio is a blatant demonstration of white supremacy and will only further harm families by endorsing policies that terrorize Latinx communities. Further, by pardoning Arpaio, Trump also says it’s okay to violate court orders.

Only 21% of Arizonans support pardoning Arpaio. If the state’s Republican governor and two senators don’t publicly denounce Trump’s bigotry and reject this pardon, they are siding with the racists in their state.

Sign our petition now to urge Arizona Governor Ducey and Senators McCain and Flake to publicly oppose Trump’s plan to pardon Joe Arpaio.