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Sign the petition: Say no to court-packing in Florida

S.B. 1188 is nothing more than a power grab. Say no to court-packing. Vote no on S.B. 1188.

Why is this important?

Republican Gov. Rick Scott and the Tea Party state legislature have set their sights on the last vestige of sanity in Florida state government: The state Supreme Court.

Last week, the Florida state Senate passed a bill that would change whether an incoming or outgoing governor can make appointments to the state Supreme Court. The bill may seem obscure since there won’t be any vacancies on the court until January 8, 2019 -- but that date is extremely important since it would be Rick Scott’s last day in office if he wins re-election this fall.

This bill would allow Rick Scott to make three new Supreme Court appointments on his very last day in office, should he win re-election this fall.

As if this wasn’t already a thinly-veiled power grab, the Republican state Senate forced the bill through on a party line vote just as Rick Scott pulled ahead in the polls for this fall’s gubernatorial election.

Sign the petition: Don’t let Rick Scott pack the Florida Supreme Court.