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Sign to support the Domestic Workers Bill Of Rights

Add your name to stand with me and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal in support of workplace protections for nearly 2 million domestic workers in our country.

Why is this important?

There are nearly 2 million domestic or in-home workers in America—nannies, housekeepers and home health care workers—who are excluded from basic labor protections. That means many workers face low or no pay and discrimination or harassment at work with no repercussions. The majority of these workers are women and people of color.

That's why Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and I are partnering up to introduce the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in the next session of Congress. If our bill is enacted into law, we can protect some of the most vulnerable and exploited workers in America.

The work of domestic workers is so incredibly important, both as caregivers and as organizers. We need to speak the truth: these workers are too often undervalued and underappreciated, and don’t have the same workplace protections as other workers. It's not right.

If passed, the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights will:
-Close legal loopholes excluding domestic workers from certain federal labor and civil rights laws
-Create new benefits and protections for domestic workers
-Encourage innovative solutions to address the unique challenges of domestic work
-Create new tools to ensure that these rights are real and that workers can exercise their rights without fear

This fall, Americans elected a historically diverse Congress to represent all Americans—so I believe there's no better time to pass this legislation.

I'm counting on you to stand with me in support of millions of domestic workers in America. Add your name to call for equal workplace protections for domestic workers.

In America, we all deserve basic rights, safety and dignity in the workplace. By fighting for fairness and equal treatment, we are fighting for the best of who we are as a country.


Reasons for signing

  • Support my petition to fidght, To Invstigate The current Use of The DNR List and Termination of Blac Nurses in The Hospitals in California.
  • Domestic workers who clean up after us in our homes, businesses, hotels, etc. work hard and deserve to be paid for their services
  • Domestic Workers should have workplace protection, for their safety and their income.