To: The Massachusetts State House and Governor Charlie Baker

Signs Save Lives: Zoning Bylaws to Allow for Lost Pet Signs

One out of every three pets is estimated to go missing in their lifetimes. Studies have proven that the number one tool for reuniting lost pets with their owners is the posting of lost pet signs. Many communities in Massachusetts, and across the country, prohibit these signs. Change is needed.

Why is this important?

Currently many communities have zoning bylaws in place that prohibit the posting of lost pet signs.

I have been impacted by these bylaws. Two and half years ago, my Siberian husky, Bridgett, went missing and these zoning laws cost me thousands of dollars and impeded my ability to locate and trap my dog. I am not alone in this. There are many, many pet owners fighting the same battle.

I am a certified Missing Animal Response Technician trained by Kat Albrecht, the founder of Missing Pet Partnership. I am also the team leader for their Lost Pet Consultants. I understand missing animal behavior and know how long they can survive on their own.

These bylaws need to be amended. There is a simple win/win solution for the communities and the pet owners. All we want is to bring our pets home. Let's make this happen.