To: Supreme Court

Simple Democracy

Let the voters decide.

Why is this important?

I was not allowed to represent myself in a lower court criminal case and when I tried to appeal the decision my case was taken over by an international syndicate of attorneys. Since I was unable to protect myself from denial of my 4th Amendment right to feel secure in my person and possessions and since I was denied my 14th Amendment right to own property the NSA should be responsible for their attack on those 2 Amendments by stealing the paid for property of Americans, the integrity of their phones. The Court must order an end to the 2 party system and the Electoral College and order NSA to prepare a voter data base and also put all parties candidates on the ballot because Dr. Jill Stein made the ballot in Washington and under the Constitution that means that all the voters get her on their ballots.


Reasons for signing

  • We need to get rid of the corrupt Putin Republicans including Trump! Put the Libertarian Party on the ballot as the second Political Party! News, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook, stop giving Trump attention! Focus on Joe Biden or Jo Jorgensen, only!
  • Americans deserve the best in politicians dont limit our choices...a 2 party system doesnt work it keeps us divided as a nation
  • The people DEMAND PAPER BALLOTS. Free our elections.

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