To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Small Business Equalization

In order to foster the strength and growth of small businesses, we hereby petition the federal government to enact laws and issue regulations to equalize the costs between small and large businesses for percentage tax paid, per capita health care and shipping. This is the most direct action we can take to strengthen the job market, foster innovation and make the US more competitive.

Why is this important?

Today large businesses have unfair economic advantage over small businesses. Yet small businesses are major contributors to jobs, innovation and community economics.

We petition the federal government to enact laws and regulations to ensure that small businesses have the same costs as large businesses in the following areas:

1. Percentage tax paid
2. Per capita health care
3. Shipping costs such as FEDEX and UPS


Reasons for signing

  • Great idea and badly needed.
  • These are the companies we should be subsidizing -- not big oil, agra, defense. These are the business who should pay no or little tax amounts during a start-up period ... not GE, BofA, and Verizon!!!