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To: People who care about the wellbeing of children

Smart Kids Need Dumb Phones

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt is spearheading a movement to establish new screen time norms for children to combat the detrimental mental health effects of early exposure to social media. His proposed new norms include:

-No smart phones before high school
-No social media before 16
-Phone free schools
-More independence, free play, and responsibility in the real world.

You can learn more about this topic and the supporting research in Jonathan Haidt's book, The Anxious Generation, and/or visit his website:

Parents, you can make a difference by delaying giving your child a smart phone and access to social media! Please know we fully support purchasing a non smart phone or a "dumb phone" for your child whenever feels appropriate for safety/communication. Read about kid-friendly and internet-free devices here:

See signatures on this pledge to know that you are NOT the only parent choosing to delay giving your child a smart phone. If we do this together, your child will not feel left out or excluded. Please help us create change!

Why is this important?

We think it's important for parents to buy into Jonathan Haidt's new screen time norms when their children are young. I work in elementary schools and can tell you that many 3rd, 4th and 5th graders have smart phones. My husband works with middle schoolers and states that the majority of student social conflicts stem from social media. You can learn more about my passion project related to social media and teen mental health here:



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