To: President Donald Trump, The Texas State House, The Texas State Senate, Governor Greg Abbott, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Solving the voter fraud debate -- forever!

Voter registration should happen at the time and along with issuing a birth Certificate. An immigrant would get their account when they become citizens. An internet account should be set up just like we do with our bank accounts. The account becomes active when the person reaches voting age. They can then access the account to update their address and find out where they are to vote, as well as preview what will be on the ballot. At the time they vote, Two receipts will be printed, showing exactly how they voted. One receipt is to be mailed into the county offices to be hand counted to make sure that the voting machines have not been hacked. The other receipt is to be kept with their income tax returns as a backup in case a problem develops and the votes need to be recounted. That way a person is registered to vote for life, no hurdles for the voter and accuracy for the count that the people can depend upon is built into the system. This would provide a permanent "cure" for this issue and that way our great grandchildren will not have to revisit this issue. One last thing: We also need to get rid of the Electoral College.

Why is this important?

Tired of the people not trusting the voting process and all of the claims of fraud by the parties? This would guarantee a citizen's right to vote - always. It would also eliminate fraud by the parties and by the people.