Tell CNN to air a State of Union response from The Resistance

After the election of Donald Trump, The Resistance - led mainly by women - became a movement of citizen activists opposing the harmful policies of the Trump administration. Women who have never engaged deeply with the political process before have been driven to take action. They're starting new advocacy and candidate training organizations, and they're running for office in record numbers.

We call on CNN and other news networks to air a response from The Resistance after the State of the Union on January 30.

Why is this important?

Coalitions of Americans have grown movements over the past decade that led to The Resistance. And women of color, who have been at the forefront of social change throughout history, are playing a key role in The Resistance, providing leadership and organizing their communities.

The Resistance is a bigger and more influential than the Tea Party ever was, and in 2011, CNN broadcast the Tea Party's State of the Union response to a nationwide audience, saying, "The Tea Party has become a major force in American politics and within the Republican Party."

Activists working to change America at the grassroots level should have an opportunity to respond to the President's speech. Movement leaders who have been working in the fights for racial justice, immigration justice, voting rights, LGBTQIA rights, healthcare, economic justice, and more, are ready to respond.

The Resistance is not slowing down: millions of women and caring allies marched the day after the President's inauguration in 2017, and record numbers marched across the country again this month.

Tell CNN and other networks to air a State of the Union response from The Resistance.


Reasons for signing

  • It is important that Democrats have equal time to rebut Trump lies about the shutdown he said he wanted, immigration and his Vanity Wall
  • We need to make s forceful response to Trump's destructive policies that will send thid nation back 100 years.
  • Great idea!