To: Cary Cleland, Supervising enginer, SD State Dept. of Transportation

South Dakota DOT: Save the Trees!

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Avoid the destruction of beautiful, old trees to widen 6th Street through the historic district of Brookings. Work with the city to come up with a plan to ease the traffic issues on 6th Street in a more tree-friendly and property-friendly way.

Why is this important?

Under the current DOT proposal to widen 6th Street, the historic district in our city would likely lose its entire canopy of 39 trees. Our city leaders have expressed their deep concerns about the project. Let's join them in urging DOT to address concerns about public safety on 6th Street in ways that don't so drastically affect home and business owners, the loveliness of the city's historic district, or the quality of life in the neighborhood. NOTE: DUE TO THE ACTIVITY ON THIS PETITION, WE HAVE DECIDED TO KEEP IT "LIVE" UNTIL SIGNATURES ARE NO LONGER BEING ADDED. THANKS, EVERYONE!