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To: Public utilities commission

Southwest Water Petition

Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

The Community of Oak Trail Shores is seeking help from The Public Utilities Commission for the following issues regarding Southwest Water:

1. We receive high bills with no explanation to why the increase. Our bills keep fluctuating even though water usage hasn't changed. We would like to know why.

2. Water quality here in Oak Trail Shores is bad. We cannot drink or cook with the water without it being properly filtered first. We would like to have clean water.

3. We call the water company and get no callbacks when asking for an investigation into an issue. We would like to recieve better communication from SouthWest Water.

4. Certain households are receiving rate increase protest packets while most do not.

5. Water gets turned off for repair without notice of when it will happen or when it will be turned back on. Also, boil water notices never get sent out we only recieve canceled notices. We would like to be notified for each.

Why is this important?

The more people we have that express their concerns we feel that something might get resolved.

How it will be delivered

By mail to the Public Utilities Commission in Austin.



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