To: Rep. Warren Davidson (OH-8)

Speaker Boehner: Clear Our Path to Citizenship!

Speaker Boehner can fix our broken immigration system and stop the separation of families by bringing immigration reform with a path to citizenship up for a vote.

Everyday that the House of Representatives does nothing, it is supporting a path to deportation that continues separating millions of families.

Speaker Boehner, Clear Our Path to Citizenship now!

If Congress keeps blocking our path to citizenship, we will have no other choice than continue blocking their path to deportations.

Stop making excuses. Stop playing politics. Stop separating our families. Clear Our Path to Citizenship NOW!

Why is this important?

Congress has gone back to work, but they keep shutting down Immigration Reform with a Path to Citizenship for 11 million families. We are tired of waiting!

Speaker Boehner, the House Republican Leader, is in the position to Clear the Path NOW by bringing immigration reform with a path to citizenship to a vote at the House of Representatives.

There are enough votes and enough bills that include a much needed path to citizenship. The SAFE Act is not a path to citizenship, it is a path to deportations.