To: The Texas State House, The Texas State Senate, and Governor Greg Abbott

Spend Taxes Intelligently

Demand that Rick Perry and the Texas State Legislature pay back the tax revenue used to fund Rick Perry's non-secular, Christian prayer rally, called The Response, held on August 6, 2011—an event used to bolster his personal religious beliefs and political agenda. Demand that in the future, the Texas government use OUR TAXES to fund what really matters to us—schools, infrastructure, law enforcement, etc.—and uphold the ideals of our forefathers by maintaining a separation of church and state.

Why is this important?

Last weekend, Governor Rick Perry helped organize a massive, Christian-focused prayer rally called "The Response"—with taxpayers helping to pay the bill.

Gov. Perry and the Texas Legislature should pay back any funds spent on "The Response" to Texas citizens, and they should not use state money to blatantly fund their own personal religious and political agendas.