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To: The Wisconsin State House and The Wisconsin State Senate

SREC's in Wisconsin

Solar Renewable Energy credits, SREC's, are an excess carbon producer funded credit payment to owners of solar electric and heating equipment establishments for units of solar energy, measured in watts. The State of Wisconsin has now adopted a Renewable Portfolio Standard, (RPS), which stipulates that a portion of electric power must be produced from renewable sources. They have, however, not stipulated that a portion of the RPS must come from solar sources, recognizing the ability and need of homeowners and small businesses to adopt solar energy production to offset their carbon footprint and be compensated for the megawatts of energy produced by implementation of a "solar carve-out" percent being set, most likely, by the PSC, and having a maximum SREC credit supported by an SACP, (Solar Alternative Compliance Payment) which is a "fine" that carbon producers may pay instead of purchasing SREC's.
Many eastern states, (about 10), in the USA have adopted the SREC trading idea. is a web site of one "501 C-3 corporation" that manages trades in SREC's. More info on how the credits are managed can be learned there.
...........We can easily start this practice in Wisconsin without funding the trade through government expenditures, since it is covered by carbon producers via a bid process, just as the solar credit payments are also bid on. This program has the benefit of small initial cost per KWH to carbon producers and higher credit to early solar adopters. This ratio gradually changes over time as solar becomes more mainstream, as it replaces carbon based energy production. It also has the benefit of keeping renewable energy at the lowest cost because there is no need of expensive re-certification of production equipment or installations beyond the basic safety requirements because owners of systems only are compensated for actual measured production.
.....Wisconsin needs a "Solar Carve-out" added to the RPS.

Why is this important?

Solar Renewable Energy Credits, SREC's, must be added to the WI Renewable Portfolio Standard to make affordable, distributed solar energy mainstream in Wisconsin. Using a sytem of SREC trading offers the solution to cost recovery and income from solar energy for people and businesses while transitioning away from "burn-tec" energy production. Distributed energy is everyones right, and using it effectively may prevent the need for expensive grid buildout in the USA. The states adoption of the RPS takes us almost there. We must have a "Solar Carve-out" added to it.



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