To: Barbara Cargill, SBOE Member District 8, Tom Maynard, SBOE Member District 10, Sue Melton-Malone, SBOE Member District 14, Martha M. Dominguez, SBOE Member District 1, Geraldine "Tincy" Miller, SBOE Member District 12, Marisa B. Perez, S...

Stand Up for Science

Stand up for science and approve public school science textbooks that are based on sound, peer-reviewed scholarship—not the views of politicians and culture warriors whose personal views aren't backed up by real science.

Why is this important?

The Texas State Board of Education (TXSBOE) has already begun working on its once-a-decade adoption of science textbooks for Texas classrooms. And for years, an anti-science faction of that board has done all it can to undermine the science of evolution and climate change by giving equal weight to nonscientific beliefs like climate change denial and the idea that dinosaurs and humans coexisted.

Whether you have school-aged kids or not, this fight is too important to the future of Texas and the nation to ignore. With over 5 million students, Texas is one of the country's biggest buyers of textbooks. And that has an impact on other states, because book publishers often follow our lead so that they don't have to create different versions of the same science books.