To: Elaine Phillips, Senator, Charles Lavine, Assemblyman, Carl Marcellino, Senator, Michael Montesano, Assemblyman, Edward Ra, Assemblyman, John Flanagan, Senator, Catherine Nolan, Assemblyman, Carl Heastie, Speaker of the NYS Assembly, and...

Stand Up for Westbury Students

Be A Voice For Westbury Students - tell our elected officials that our community needs its fair share of funding to maintain the same comprehensive education of neighboring districts. Westbury schools receive 47% of Foundation Aid, markedly less than the 55% needed to provide ongoing quality education. Anything less jeopardizes the future of our diverse community! Share And Send Today.

Why is this important?

Westbury schools are not receiving its fair share of funding. New York State owes Westbury schools $39,000,000, but yet, funds this high-needs district with significantly less. Challenges faced in our district include rising enrollment, space constraints, additional resources for diverse learners and increased poverty. Funding is needed to maintain resources to meet increased needs while closing the achievement gap.