To: Kathleen Kane, Attorney General

Stand with Attorney General Kane against frackers

Thank you for bringing criminal charges against XTO for dumping 50,000 gallons of toxic wastewater into our environment. I applaud you and your office for stepping up to protect the environment and our public health. Please continue to hold the fracking industry accountable for violating our environmental laws.

Why is this important?

Attorney General Kathleen Kane is taking concrete steps to rein in a fracking company for their egregious illegal pollution.

Earlier this fall, the Attorney General filed criminal charges against XTO Energy for releasing illegal fracking wastewater in northern Pennsylvania--more than 50,000 gallons laced with toxic chemicals. The pollution flowed over a local farmland and into a nearby pristine stream that feeds the Susquehanna River.

In response, the drillers launched an all-out attack on the Attorney General in efforts to send a message to other elected officials who are willing to hold polluters accountable that they will be targeted.

I'm proud of the Attorney General and she needs to know that Pennsylvanians support her actions and other elected officials who work to protect our health from fracking. Join me in standing with the Attorney General.