To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

States are Reckless - Please put Grey Wolves Back on Federal Protection List

States like Idaho and Minnesota are losing control over the protection of the Grey Wolf. Idaho's Governor is instituting wolf harvesting hunts, which he indicates allows us to take enough wolves without hitting the federal protection number, and Minnesota has the last remaining original grey wolf population.

Why is this important?

Why am I starting this? I'm an Architect / Engineer by trade, who often looks at statistics and numbers, as well as massive amounts of data for my customers. Although the data supports the recklessness of "sport hunting" of the American Grey Wolf, as a human, I'm struck by the cold, calculated way that we approach hunting of wolves. This is not "sport." This is not survival of "need," for Americans to feed their families on wolf meat. This is only the importing of hunters into various states for the purpose of shooting animals with heavy weapons.

My analytical mind is giving me a "gut check." This is wrong. As we wait to slaughter wolves that may have accidentally wandered off the Yellowstone Property, I believe we need to work to re-educate and put a pause to wolf hunting.