To: Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University: Release Hercules and Leo

Demand that Stony Brook University release these two chimpanzees from their unlawful detention in a research laboratory.

Why is this important?

Scientific research has shown that primates such as chimpanzees possess a wide array of traits that would seem to suggest that they are rational, autonomous beings capable of feeling emotional and physical pain and being unhappy with their environment. Chimpanzees such as Hercules and Leo should not be kept caged up in inhumane research facilities that would put them in distressing emotional and physical states.


Reasons for signing

  • Stop torturing these poor animals. They are as humans. They did nothing wrong so please stop keeping them in a prison.
  • Every animal should have the right to be free and not be used for testing of any any kind. Let them go to a sanctuary and enjoy the rest of their lives in peace
  • Free the monkeys!