To: The Pennsylvania State House and The Pennsylvania State Senate

Stop a massive attack on the Clean Air Act in PA

As a concerned constituent, I'm calling on you to oppose HB2354, a bill that undermines the Clean Power Plan, a historic effort to tackle global warming pollution under the authority of the Clean Air Act.

We have an obligation to promote solutions to global warming for our kids and future generations. Please vote no on HB2354

Why is this important?

Our politicians in Harrisburg are poised to vote in the next 48 hours to hurt the EPA's ability to tackle global warming pollution.

HB 2354 attacks EPA's historic effort to limit carbon pollution from power plants -- the single largest source of global warming pollution.

Not surprisingly, the biggest global warming polluters are trying to stop this proposal dead in its tracks--and they’ve convinced some politicians in Harrisburg to join them.

The General Assembly in Harrisburg is scheduled to vote on House Bill 2354, which would undermine the Clean Power Plan. Specifically, the bill would add new administrative hurdles, introduce debilitating delays and hurt Pennsylvania's ability to comply with the Clean Air Act.

Ask your legislator to stand up for solutions to global warming—and oppose HB2354.