To: Mayor and City Council of the City of Merced

Stop Adding Fluoride to Merced's Water

Petition to Stop Adding Sodium Fluoride to Merced’s Tap Water

To the mayor and city council members of the City of Merced.

WHEREAS water is essential to all and the public water supply should be safe for all to drink; and $185,000 is being spent annually on adding sodium fluoride to Merced’s tap water, and

WHEREAS fluoridated water provides an uncontrolled dose of fluoride to citizens; and fluoride doses are delivered to individuals with no knowledge of their medical history; and, infants and children are especially at risk of fluoride poisoning, or fluorosis; and to allow the City Council or any other governing body to make dental health decisions for everyone in Merced with no knowledge of each individual’s dental health needs or medical history is dangerous, irresponsible, and unethical, and

WHEREAS fluoride is the only substance added to public water for the purpose of treating and preventing a health condition in the body, many citizens may feel it is not morally or ethically justifiable to dose citizens with this substance or any other medication in water without first obtaining their written informed consent, and

WHEREAS alternative methods of delivery exist; and we are already exposed to fluoride in foods and beverages, and

WHEREAS sodium fluoride is registered as a pesticide and a toxic substance with several state and federal agencies; and a number of scientific studies suggest serious health hazards associated with ingestion of sodium fluoride, and

WHEREAS each individual possesses the right to the right to make their own decisions related to their dental care; and individuals who desire fluoride treatment should make the decision to do so with their dentist, therefore

We, the undersigned, request an immediate end to fluoridation of Merced’s water. We ask the Mayor and City Council to repeal past resolutions which initiated water fluoridation in Merced, and to pass a new resolution to stop fluoridating Merced’s tap water immediately.

Why is this important?

The City of Merced is currently spending over $185,000 on adding sodium fluoride to the city's tap water. We are asking the Mayor and City Council to stop fluoridating Merced's tap water.


Reasons for signing

  • fluoride was never a good idea.
  • This water contamination from fluoride should be immediately stopped. We do not need more problems added to our body.
  • After having done research I know that fluoride in water isn't healthy whatsoever and feel strongly about this