To: Council member Marcos Pine, Council Chair Martin, Council member Anderson, Council member Ozawa, Council member Kobayashi, Council member Fukunaga, Council member Manahan, Council member Elefante, and Council member Menor

Stop Anderson from expanding vacation rentals in our residential neighborhoods; support strong en...

In the middle of a housing crisis, Honolulu City Council Planning and Zoning Chair Ikaika Anderson hijacked Bill 22 that sought to enforce zoning laws against illegal vacation rentals. Instead he is trying to lift the ban on vacation rentals in residential zones across Oahu.

Why is this important?

Vacation rentals decrease the pool of housing for residents, push up prices for buyers and renters, increase property taxes for everyone else, and change the character of a neighborhood.

In 2008 when Ikaika Anderson was Planning and Zoning Vice-Chair they killed a similar enforcement Bill by refusing to hear it, and then pushed a Bill legalizing new vacation rentals, which was defeated. Resolution 15-72 is just like the defeated Bill from 2008.

Resolution 15-72 gives permits for independent dwellings with their own entrance, kitchens and 3 bedrooms (that is a family home!) to be legal vacation rentals in all residential zones across Oahu. 0.5% of all housing can be vacation rentals with 1/3 of the total concentrated in a single district. Neighbors have no say. Resolution 15-72 weakens the enforcement tools and penalties requested by DPP. The applicant is supposed to live on-site, but there are no penalties for breaking this rule.

Because of the housing crisis, we are converting good agricultural land to housing. The City is also moving to increase the density in residential areas – allowing “Additional Dwelling Units” which are Ohana units that can be rented anyone. These should not go forward without enforcement: they will be used for tourists instead of residents.

Please sign this petition and write or call all City Council members and let them know you want effective enforcement of vacation rentals to protect housing stock for residents before any other changes are considered. Mahalo!

Kymberly Marcos Pine / [email protected] / 768-5001
Ernest Y. Martin / [email protected] / 768-5002
Ikaika Anderson / [email protected] / 768-5003
Trevor Ozawa / [email protected] / 768-5004
Ann Kobayashi / [email protected] / 768-5005
Carol Fukunaga / [email protected] / 768-5006
Joey Manahan / [email protected] / 768-5007
Brandon Elefante / [email protected] / 768-5008
Ron Menor / [email protected] / 768-5009