To: The Colorado State House

Stop Animal Testing!

Animal testing is absolutely horrendous, and has to be stopped now! Please sign this petition to stop animal testing, and make our world a better place.

Why is this important?

100,000,000 animals are abused (mainly by being animal tested), including dogs, monkeys, rodents, cats, and many other animals. They are brutally tortured for products like: soaps, cosmetics, lotions, hair products, and even clothing. There are plenty of other ways to test products, other than animal testing. We have to create laws to stop this now!


Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I have a big heart for animals and it’s 2020 animals should not be tested on .
  • animal testing is extremely wrong. there are many other ways to test products rather than using an innocent animal. it the product is that bad DONT SELL IT
  • You’d get more signers I’d you didn’t try to get details like address and cell number.