To: Todd Schurz, CEO of Schurz Communications and Maryland Internet Providers

Stop Antietam Cable's Monopoly

There is no competition for high-speed internet in the Hagerstown, MD area. Antietam has created a monopoly that allows them to name any price for internet and we are all forced to pay. So many people need this service to be affordable, and it is not. Kids need it for school, and adults need it for the growing opportunities for home business. They have minimized service options and raised the prices of the ones that remain. This must stop.

Why is this important?

It's enough. The people of Hagerstown need to break the monopoly held by Antietam cable. Prices continue to go up as service options and reliability decline. My bill has gone up $30 as my service level was eliminated and I am forced to pay for a higher level of service. We need our service for school, work, and entertainment. Please sign this petition and pass it on.


Reasons for signing

  • A monopoly in every definition of the term. My billing cycle ended just a few days and supposedly I have already reached 70% of my bandwidth usage. 500gb between just two people in just a few days? Makes sense...
  • Monoply should not be allowed. This is the US and we should have freedom of choice and business. Not just satellite tv. ANTIETAM is over priced for services. I dont have cable TV and refuse to pay the outrages price for installation and service.
  • I have the best bundle but it is like running on a hotspot

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