To: The Michigan State House, The Michigan State Senate, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Stop attacks on Michigan voters' rights

Michiganders deserve a fair, efficient, and accessible voting system. I urge you to oppose policies, like SB 751, SB 754, and SB 803, that set voting rights in Michigan back years and disproportionately hurt communities of color. Instead, I demand that you work in a bipartisan fashion to craft real, forward-thinking, pro-voter reforms.

Why is this important?

Michigan’s election laws have taken major strides forward in recent years—but extreme lawmakers are now trying to wipe out that progress. Three bills in the Michigan Legislature— SB 751, SB 754 and SB 803—would dramatically limit the ability of legitimate voters to make their political voices heard voters in Michigan elections.

All of these bills have one goal: making it more difficult for Michiganders, particularly the working poor, the elderly, students and people of color, to participate in our democratic process. These bills would regulate groups that register voters, impose stricter photo ID requirements for voters and add a citizenship check-off box to ballot applications.

Though lawmakers are using the false claim that voter fraud is the reason these measures are needed, a recent letter from the Michigan Secretary of State Bureau of Elections shows this is not the case and that clerical errors are the reason for supposed instances of voter fraud.

The bottom line is these extreme lawmakers are trying to consolidate their political power at the expense of the rights of Michigan voters.

This is wrong and we need to stop it.