To: John S. Watson, Chevron Chairman and CEO

Stop Big Oil's Nickel-and-Dime Games

Given unprecedented high unemployment, deterioration of air and environmental quality, the record cost of gas and the need to maintain autos for best mileage - then throw in the "outlawed" status of self-service stations in the State of Oregon and the exorbitant profits seen by oil companies, SIGN BELOW IF YOU AGREE THAT BIG OIL MUST RETURN FULL SERVICE TO ALL OF AMERICA - not just Oregon. The sake of the country environment should not be sacrificed for Big Oil's Greed.

Why is this important?

Government must force big oil to put "service" back into gas stations.

Saw an incredibly elderly woman trying to gas up her car and clean her windows. She held up a whole lane at the gas kiosk ... she was there when I drove up and still trying to clean her windshields when I left.

How can fat-cat oil execs sleep at night forcing a senior citizen to do this?
a) Given that proper tire pressure and regular oil changes help improve gas mileage, why - in this time of great conservation efforts on all parts - would the USA allow oil companies to remove "service" from gas stations?
b) How can government approve of Big Oil charging consumers for AIR (I was refused air at a service I frequent because I wasn't BUYING gas that day) and water - basic car maintenance (and bicycle riding) items?
c) Why is it OK for the State of Oregon to OUTLAW "self-serve" yet the rest of the USA citizenry must deal with wasting gas on clothes, etc.?

RETURN SERVICE to gas stations: add attendants - not doing so is greedy, unscrupulous, environmentally negligent on the side of government and business, and just plain totally WRONG.


Reasons for signing

  • Share the wealth with our soldiers in uniform.
  • To prevent spills, maintain air pressure for best milage and to share profits big oil needs to provide full service.
  • see attached. I agree