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Stop Big Run Landfill Permit Renewal

Citizens of Boyd County, KY, uniting to address the negative impact of the Big Run Landfill upon our health, environment, personal property, and economic growth. EnviroSolutions, Inc is bringing approximately 1.5 MILLION tons of garbage/trash a year to our small county.

Why is this important?

This petition is to "Stop the Permit Renewal for Big Run Landfill" in Boyd County, Kentucky. This landfill is destroying our water, air, environment, and health and welfare of our citizens. The air is filled with hydrogen sulfide gases emanating throughout the county, and it has caused property values to fall, citizens experience increased health symptoms, and its presence with numerous violations has created a nuisance to citizens for years. Our children have a new Boyd County High School located within a mile of the landfill, placing them in a harmful environment, disrupting their education, focusing their attention to measuring air quality, and assaulting them with the gaseous odors causing them to gag at athletic events.


Reasons for signing

  • Boyd County citizens deserve better. Find alternatives.
  • I grew up on trac rd
  • Get it under control or go somewhere else!our beautiful little community now stinks! Send the garbage back to New Jersey, New York or wherever it came from so it can stink up their homes, workplaces and schools. We have enough trash of our own without taking on others. It's decreasing our property values and affecting our health. Please!!