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To: Governors and state legislatures around the country

Stop book bans!

Americans believe in the freedom to learn and the freedom to read. We reject your book bans! Stop censoring books and punishing teachers.

Ron DeSantis—and the MAGA movement— has a vision for America being a place where our stories, our identities, and our communities are banned. We will not sit back and allow right-wing politicians to create a dystopian future where books are banned before our eyes and where our children are denied the basic freedom to learn.

Why is this important?

Book bans are on the rise, with a small group of conservative parents and right-wing Republicans leading the drive to censor books about racial injustice, sexual identity and gender expression, and an honest look at American history. Just last year, 2,500 books were challenged, restricted, and even removed from shelves in schools and libraries across the country. And some places are even punishing teachers and threatening to prosecute librarians who dare to provide books that reflect the diversity of our country.

That’s why MoveOn's Banned Bookmobile is traveling across the country to cities that are ground zero in the fight against book bans, and we want YOU to join us, virtually and in person. One way you can join this work: Add your name to our petition telling Florida Governor Ron DeSantis—who has been one of the most prominent ban proponents—fellow Republican governors and legislators, GOP candidates up and down the ballot, and other MAGA Republicans that we will not silently allow them to ban our books and censor our freedom to read. And demand that all governors and state legislators take proactive steps to fighting book bans and protecting our freedom to read!




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